16 February

Building Ecos de Uxmal

A journey through the creative intention of Echoes of Uxmal

Ecos de Uxmal is an immersive night walk through the archaeological site of Uxmal, an ancient Maya city of the Classic period, which is currently one of the most important archaeological sites of the Maya culture. In this nocturnal experience, buildings, structures and natural elements hide memories that are revealed as Echoes of the Past: stories about the cosmovision of the Maya and the hidden meanings of their temples that come to life in an atmosphere of intimacy and grandeur.

The tour consists of 5 stations distributed in an area of 700m2, where the visitor can enjoy projections on the Mayan architecture, ambient lighting, an immersive audio that amplifies the sounds of the forest and narrations by the inhabitants of Uxmal.

The script for this experience was developed in collaboration with archaeologist José Huchim Herrera, director of the Uxmal Archaeological Zone. Likewise, we created an app to accompany visitors so that they can enjoy the experience to the fullest, where they can learn more about the archaeological site and its most important landmarks with photographs of the space and maps to guide them.